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Party and Government Delegation of Hei Longjiang Province Came to Han’s Laser an
On December 15, 2017, Zhang Qingwei, the secretary of Hei Longjiang provincial party committee and the director of Hei Hongjiang provincial NPC standing committee, and Lu Hao, deputy secretary of Hei Longjiang provincial party committee and governor of Hei Longjiang, lea a Hei Longjiang provincial party delegation of 65 people to come to Han’s Laser. With the company of Ma xingrui, the deputy secretary of Guang Dong provincial party committee and the governor of Guang Dong, Wang Weizhong, the standing committee of Guang Dong provincial party committee and secretary of Shen Zhen municipal party committee, Li Feng, the secretary governor of Guang Dong provincial government, Yu Min, the deputy secretary general of Guang Dong provincial party committee and director of reception office, Guo Yonghang, the standing committee of Shen Zhen municipal party committee and the secretary general of Shen Zhen municipal government, Chen Biao, the member of Shen Zhen municipal government party, and Wang Qiang, the secretary of Nanshan district committee, they visited Han’s Laser. 

Under the reception of Gao Yunfeng, the chairman of Han’s Laser, Chen Yan, the general manager of Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group, and Yang Shuo and Jiang Hua, the deputy general managers of Han’s Group, the delegation visited Han’s Laser exhibition hall. During the visit, Gao Yunfeng introduced the operation and development of Han’s Laser to the delegation.

The above figure showed the delegation visiting Han’s Motion exhibition hall, and Gao Yunfeng introduced the independently developed series innovative products by Han’s Motion. They also discussed the core technology, application scope and technology advantages. The leaders gave high praise to the harmonic reducer development achievement of company and promised to bring more government support. Besides, they encouraged Han’s Motion to make more contributions to promote the innovative development of robot industry and high-end manufacturing industry. 
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