HMHD-Ⅲ series harmonic drive
HMHD-Ⅲ series harmonic drive
  • HMHD-III series is the type pursuing flat structure to the extreme. Its axial length is half of that of HMHS series. The flexible gear adopts ultrathin hollow flanging structure and its output side is installed with high rigid crossed roller bearing.Suitable for the application with requirement on flat design.
  • Product features
    1. Ultra-thin shape and hollow structure
    2. Compact and simple design
    3. High torque capacity
    4. High rigidity
    5. Input and output coaxial
    6. Excellent positioning accuracy and rotation accuracy
Parameters Dimensions HMHD-14-XX-III HMHD-17-XX-III HMHD-20-XX-III HMHD-25-XX-III HMHD-32-XX-III