HMCD-Ⅱ series harmonic drive
HMCD-Ⅱ series harmonic drive
  • HMCD-II series, with a commitment to light weight and compact size of harmonic gear transmission, not only inherits the advantages of traditional products, but also realizes bold shape design based on the market demands. The overall machine adopts super-flat structure that is light and compact, so it is very suitable to be used as robot end joint and client reducer.
  • Product features
    1. Ultra-flat structure
    2. Compact and simple design
    3. High static torque capacity
    4. Input and output coaxial
    5. Excellent positioning accuracy and rotation accuracy
Parameters Dimensions HMCD-14-XX-II HMCD-17-XX-II HMCD-20-XX-II HMCD-25-XX-II HMCD-32-XX-II