HMHG-Ⅰseries harmonic drive
HMHG-Ⅰseries harmonic drive
  • HMHG-I series flexible gear belongs to hollow flanging standard structure and there are large-caliber hollow shaft hole in the middle of wave generator cam. And suppor t bearing is also designed inside the reducer. The reducer is fully sealed easy to install,especially suitable for the situation where there is a need to thread through the reducer center.
  • Product features
    1. Large diameter hollow shaft
    2. Compact and simple design
    3. No backlash
    4. Input and output coaxial
    5. Excellent positioning accuracy and rotation accuracy
Parameters Dimensions HMHS-14-XX-I HMHS-17-XX-I HMHS-20-XX-I HMHS-25-XX-I HMHS-32-XX-I