HMHG-Ⅱ series harmonic drive
HMHG-Ⅱ series harmonic drive
  • HMHG-II series flexible gear belongs to hollow flanging standard structure and the whole structure is compact. Its input shaft connects with inner hole of wave generator through Oldham coupling.The reducer can be used in two methods:rigid gear is fixed and flexible gear doesoutput; or flexible gear is fixed and rigid gear does output.
  • Product features
    1. Flat shape
    2. Compact and simple design
    3. No backlash
    4. Input and output coaxial
    5. Excellent positioning accuracy and rotation accuracy

Parameters Dimensions HMHS-14-XX-II HMHS-17-XX-II HMHS-20-XX-II HMHS-25-XX-II HMHS-32-XX-II