Based on the economic benefits, combined with the salary status of the region and industry, the company determines the salary level, striving to provide competitive remuneration and welfare benefits for employees, and absorb and retain excellent talents.
The wage income of employees includes the following aspects:
Basic salary: the wage part that matches the job / skill.
Performance bonus: the part of the salary that is affected by the performance of the work.
Other income is:
Post allowance, housing subsidy, communication subsidy
Bonus: special bonus, sales bonus, project award, R & D project award, year-end bonus and so on.
Note: the company deducted the personal income tax according to the salary income of the employees according to the law.
Welfare policy

Employees enjoy the following aspects of welfare:
According to the law, we should take all social insurance as a whole: sign a labor contract starting from the date of employee entry, do provident fund and all social insurance plan (including "endowment insurance", "medical insurance", "industrial injury insurance", "maternity insurance" and "unemployment insurance").
Note: the insurance program varies according to whether the employee's household registration is in Shenzhen.
• Adjustable work cadre:The company is the entry of more than 2 years, good performance continued and in line with the Shenzhen City, the backbone of the staff transferred to the conditions for the account transferred formalities.
• Transportation: a number of routes are provided in Shenzhen.
• employee dormitories: the company has a number of single apartments and residential apartment in Shenzhen high tech Zone, which can be arranged for employees.
• Book reimbursement: the books related to the job purchased by the employees may be reimbursed according to the corresponding standards.
• Free physical examination: a comprehensive physical examination is arranged every year.

Vacation policy :
• Employees enjoy the following paid vacation benefits:
• National statutory holidays: all holidays are unified in accordance with the government's prescribed holiday time.
• marriage leave, funeral leave, maternity leave for female employees, according to the "labor law" and referring to the relevant provisions of the state.