• Focus on the light weight and compact size of harmonic reducer. Ultra-flat series products enter into market. 



August, 2017

• Established customer relation with Zhuhai Gree, Wasu Robot, Zhejiang Qixing and Dongguan QUADRO Robot; Products had gradually obtained the recognition of market. 

July, 2017

• Han’s harmonic reducer was awarded “Red Sail Award for Industrial Design”. 

March, 2017

• The development and testing of short-tube, light-weight and high-torque harmonic reducers were finished, being in the final verification phase. 

February, 2017

• 6 series (more than 100 types) of harmonic reducer were successively manufactured, formally entering into market.

• The using tests of multiple mainstream robot manufactures were finished. Several key technologies, including product precision, lifetime stability and noise control, of Han’s harmonic reducer had reached the same product lever of foreign companies, and technical index ranked first in China. 

June, 2016

• All tests were basically finished, establishing a complete internal inspection standard process. 

February, 2016

• Established Han’s Motion R & D Production Base that introduced a batch of world-class processing and testing equipment from abroad, forming scale production

• Established close industry-university cooperation with Tokyo University and Tsukuba University 

April, 2015

• Han’s Motion was set up. 


• All test results had reached the standards after a mass of measured data. The precision harmonic reducer reaching the using standard of industrial robot had been produced and continuously gone through tests and inspections of many domestic and foreign institutions. 


• Pilot production, applied to robot test and inspection inside company


• Successfully broke through the difficulties in non-standard design of double-arc tooth profiles, designed and manufactured the prototype of the first harmonic reducer, and began to make repeated test and continuous improvement  


• A group of professional technicians gathered in Han’s Laser and set up the R & D team to develop harmonic drive technology in industrial robot field from scratch